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    MSc- Master of Science in Banking and Finance

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    Welcome Message from the Director

    The MSc Banking and Finance issues the title of Master of  Science (MSc) in Banking and Finance.

    The MSc Banking and Finance is the only one offered by a Technological Education Institution (TEI) and belongs to the limited number of this category of MSc generally offered in Greece. On the contrary, it is one of the main postgraduate programmes offered by universities abroad, recognizing the great importance of this specialty. Our MSc in Banking and Finance is the product of the high-level specialty of our department and more specifically of its professors on this subject field. The MSc programme, also, collaborates to a great extent with external collaborators, academics and high-positioned executives. The operation of the programme is based on compulsory courses such as Risk Management, Banking Management Information Systems, and is supported by the use of specialized databases which aim at the practical application of the theory and facilitate the completion of research papers of the alumni.

    The MSc Banking and Finance is ideal for business and bank executives as well as executives of the public sector, cooperatives and the local authorities. It is also eligible for graduates from an economic background (but not necessarily exclusively from it). The new methods, means and theories constantly developed in these subject fields emphasize the need for highly trained executives for the job market. Regarding the applicants already working in this position, the title of this MSc will help them accelerate their career. It will facilitate their registration to the Economic Chamber of Greece reducing the time dedicated to the practice of the profession of Accountant-Tax Preparer. Moreover, the MSc programme, having equipped its alumni with all the essential theoretical knowledge aspires to the continuance of their studies to a doctoral level.

    Working in a stimulating environment, with small groups, and being in direct contact with our alumni and the job market we aspire to the completion of our aim, which is the graduation of highly specialized professionals that will constitute the best representatives of our MSc programme.

    Simeon Karafolas


    Director of the MSc Banking and Finance







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MSc- Master of Science in "Banking and Finance"
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